Daum Junior Photo Festival

The Daum Junior Photo Festival is an annual event that supports teenagers who are interested in photography through virtual artist experience in order to develop
their potentials.
We select 100 applicants through a photo contest,
who will be granted the opportunity to participate in
the camp, publish their works and hold group exhibition.
10 applicants will be selected as the winner of the ‘Daum Junior Award’ including 1 grand prize and 9 excellence prizes.

In today’s indiscriminate media environment, this program enables teenagers to embrace media in a prudent manner based on its correct understanding. The development of their creative, active personalities is encouraged through offering them various opportunities for active participation, for example, involvement in the whole creative process including the planning stage. By allowing teenagers from all over the country to gather in one place to enjoy, feel and learn through cultural experiences, this program seeks to broaden opportunities for regionally balanced cultural education. This program is sponsored by Nikon Imaging Korea Co., Ltd.

Details of Festival


Period :
Every year in June
Applicant :
High school students in korea
Content of Work :
Free, distintive, unpublished photographic work that applicants created on their own
Submitted Work :
Standard (Over 2000 x 3000 pixel),
Number of entries (3 pieces or more as one topic)
Award :
Camp, Publication of the works, Photo Exhibition,
Daum Junior Award (1 grand prize and 9 excellence prizes)


Date :
Every year in July
Venue :
Seoul Youth Hostel
Participant :
100 Daum Juniors selected through the contest
Content :
Lectures about photography, Photo Review,
Photo Shooting, Art Therapy, Recreation,
Daum Junior Award Ceremony, Audiovisual Show

Photo Exhibition

Period :
Every year in August
Venue :
Cheonggyecheon Gwanggyo Gallery

Publication of the works

Date :
Every year in July